Passion To Profits

Make Money Doing What You Love…

Turn your passions into profits – Make money doing what you love!

 Are you tired of scraping by or stuck in a job earning only a certain amount of money?

 Are you feeling stuck but know there is something else out there for you but… you just don’t quite know what it is yet?

 Do you dream of making a change and creating an impact?

 Do you have a specific gift, message, service or product that people need?

 Don’t know where to start?


I know these feelings, I spent close to 20 years in a job that was not what I wanted to do but felt I had to, to do what was seen as responsible and to pay the bills.

The inevitable happened…. I couldn’t do it any more…

I reached burn out, there were only so many days in the week and I wasn’t able to do all I wanted.

I was tired of having to cram my life into a few hours here or there around a job that did not bring me joy.

I knew there had to be a better way.

Creating a business changed everything for me.

I built something I was passionate about to help bring in extra income, to bring excitement and passion back into my life. To help, inspire and motivate people to realise there are other possibilities.

I then learnt how to create online courses and services to give me the ability to reach even more people.

To also create a way of life that gave me back valuable time and the lifestyle I craved.

How amazing to think you can create something once and then sell it over and over again.

I now look forward to Mondays as I can spend my days doing what I love.

No more Sundayitis!

No more dreading the alarm going off in the early hours of the morning.

Unlimited possibilities started to flow through me and inspiration overflowing with the realisation of what can be achieved.

The realisation I can decide my own income and what I am worth rather than being told what other people think I am worth.


Just imagine being able to share your gifts and passions with people whether in person or online.

To create the ability to earn money while you sleep and only work as little or as often as you want, when you want.

I spent years building a database of suppliers, doing expos and events every weekend for more than 9 years.

I learnt what did and didn’t work.

Then, I decided to shift to an online business to free up even more of my time.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do but I had no clue how to do it without spending thousands of dollars having other people do it all for me.

I spent months learning how to do this, discovering the most simple way to accomplish this and I broke it down as much as possible.

Once you know how to create a course or create a web page it is not hard for those of us even if we are not tech gurus.

You will learn how to:

Get clear on what business you want to start.

Pick a niche aligned to you and your values.

Learn how to set up and register your business.

Identify your ideal clients and customers.

Learn how to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

Which platforms and systems to use.

How to do all things tech when you are not technically inclined.

& much more…

Plus Bonuses

You will receive:

 Weekly Facebook lives in a private group

 Lifetime access to review and rewatch 

Access to a private facebook community where I will be  answering questions, offering support and inspiring you.

I will provide workbooks with weekly tasks so as to keep you on track and get your business or service out in to the world.

** As A Special Bonus **

For those who sign up by the 31st of July you will gain access to a private group call where I will share with you a list of all suppliers I have used in my previous business.

This is a list of wholesalers I sourced my books, tarot and oracles cards, crystals, bags, tarot bags, candles, journals and other goodies from.

For years people have been trying to obtain this information.

I  will be sharing all of this with YOU!

The Details:

Decide what type of business you want eg: a physical or online business. What format will it be delivered in and at what length. Identify what your business will focus on (your niche) and is it aligned with the values and lifestyle you want to create.

There will be practical “How to” steps provided weekly to start your business.

We will dive deep into what and who your business is designed for.  This will enable you to target the right market with your products and services ie: your dream clients. 

I will demonstrate how to create sales pages, set up email sequences and create payment buttons. This is a must regardless whether your business is online or of a physical nature. 

We will look at the practical side of how to market yourself, your product and/or service. What is your unique message and the different ways to create content.

I cover various options to host courses or share your content/products. You will have exclusive access to view my membership platform and learn how I create courses, including the set up of automation emails and much more. This will give you the ability to create true passive income which will make money at any time! 

We explore and learn the art of setting prices and knowing your true worth. We will cover mindset, beliefs and ensure you know you CAN do this! This is an opportunity to catch up on any implementation needed.   

I am so excited about this offer!

I want to help you get your business started and out in to the world so you can start earning the income and living a life you love.

I successfully ran my business for over 9 years. Weekly events, expos, and festivals resulted in me winning  best stand at the Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival which was a personal highlight.

I am now on my second business and want to help others create a business and lifestyle they dream of.

You have the ability to grow your business to whatever size you want and earn as little or as much as you want depending on your individual needs, desires and lifestyle.

How this works

This is an online course.

Each week will consist of a live Facebook group call which will be recorded.

There will also be pre recorded how to videos taking you through different back end systems and processes.

You will have on going access to the course and all recordings so you can review as many times as needed.

The course starts 8th of August 2018

You will receive access to Module one on the 8th of August and a new module will be made available each week for the duration of the course.

Be sure to check your email once you have enrolled for log in details.

** Early Bird Prices **


By paying in full you save $100

Normal price is $1097


VIP Option:


** Payment Plan Available For VIP Option**

Receive the Passion to Purpose course plus three one on one 60 minute sessions to assist in areas where you need more clarity or feel stuck in applying the learnings of the course.

Limited to fives spots.

*By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to my standard Terms and Conditions.*

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I am really busy and can’t do the course right now?
No worries, you can follow at your own pace and dive in and out as you need to as many times as you like.
Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes I have a payment plan option which is available above.
What is your refund policy?
The Refund timeframe is within the first 7 days of purchase. If you don’t think this is for you, send me an email within this refund period with your completed homework/worksheets attached and I will process a refund. No refunds will be given after the initial 7 days from purchase.
Can you guarantee a specific outcome?
As much as I would love to, it is up to you to do the work and get out of the program what you put into it. I will provide you with a framework that has worked for me. However you are the only one that guarantee your own outcome, no one else.

If you have any other specific questions please email

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