Module 3

Lesson 2: Remove Limiting Beliefs

This lesson builds off fears you identified and the reasons why you believe you can’t achieve your dreams and purpose.

Here we look at reframing these limiting and negative beliefs along with any fears into something positive. This allows you to move forward and attract what you want.

This lifts your belief in yourself and in turn your vibrational frequency, so you are on the same energetic level of what you desire and your souls purpose.

The art of reframing is another powerful tool we can use to change our limiting and negative beliefs we hold.

It allows us to see if the beliefs we hold are really true or not.


Removing negative and limiting beliefs reframes and shifts us into a different state of mind. It moves us away from the I cant’s, the I don’t have, I don’t know, I am not good enough, I never get what I want victim mentality and into a state of positivity.

It allows us to stop and look at what we are saying.

When we describe what we want we tend to say it in a way which says what we don’t want rather than positively stating what we do want… This is vital in altering and shifting our beliefs in order to manifest our souls purpose and create your vision into reality.

When we identify what we don’t want and the fears which hold us back, it allows us to explore further what it is we desire. This ensures we are framing it in a positive way so we focus our energy on what will help us get there.

It helps us move through procrastination and what is keeping us from manifesting and believing we can have it.



1. Watch the video above and download the Remove Limiting Beliefs worksheet.

2. Have the worksheets from the previous lessons on hand to refer to if needed.

3. Identify your fears and limiting beliefs which are stopping you.

4. Answer all the questions which are designed to dig deep and uncover what is really behind these limiting beliefs and are they really true.

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