Module 3

Lesson 1: Why Dreams Don’t Come True

Dreams don’t come true because more often than not we don’t know what we really want.

We think we know but we are not willing to do anything to change our circumstances to create the change we wish to see.

Fear and limiting beliefs hold us back.

We think we don’t deserve it, it’s only for people who are lucky, prettier, thinner, more popular, younger, who come from money… the list goes on.

We have contradictory ideas of what we want. Therefore we cancel out any belief or help from the universe. We are sending out mixed messages.

We are not willing to do the work required to do to make our dreams become reality. We sit back and think it will appear magically without any effort required on our part.


When we identify the reasons why we believe we can not have what we want, we can change those beliefs.

We can explore what benefits there are to ourselves and others by having our dreams come true.

Finding out why our dreams don’t come true, allows us to explore what else is going on in our life stopping us from achieving what we want.

We can take responsibility for our actions or lack of and decide to take inspired and purposeful steps towards our desires.

We can evaluate if it is something we do want in life or if we are happy to keep it as a dream.

It empowers us to decide how we want life to be moving forward.



1. Watch the video above and download the Why Dreams Don’t Come True worksheet.

2. Have the worksheets from the previous lessons on hand to refer to if needed.

3. Brainstorm what you want making sure it is stated positively.

4. Answer all the questions. These are designed to help you explore the benefits to yourself and others and the reasons why you believe you can’t have what you desire.

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