Module 1

Lesson 2: Sabotages & Excuses

Now we have looked at your physical environment lets examine the mind and identify clutter, sabotages and excuses held on to which keep us playing small.


When we identify what is sabotaging us and the excuses we are hold on to it allows us to explore and remove them. We will cover this in the next lesson.

When we know what is holding us back, we have the ability to work through it and identify how we are feeling and where we are in life.

It is essential for us to clear these away. Similar to the physical decluttering, it frees up new and clear space in our mind, our thoughts and emotions.

It means we can start to work towards what we want to create instead.



1. Watch the video above and download the Sabotages & Excuses worksheets.

2. Go through the exercises and write down any sabotages and excuses you identify.

3. Refer back if needed to the worksheets in lesson 1, the feelings and findings uncovered from having a clear physical space and how it can relate to your mind and headspace benefitting from the mental declutter.

4. Head over to the Facebook group and share your progress in the module so far!

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