If you are ready to manifest on purpose and create a more abundant life then you are in the right place.

This goes beyond just money.

It goes to every aspect of your life.

Side effects of this course will include increased happiness, self-confidence, freedom – freedom of time and choice, positive relationships and success just to name a few.

Learn the ancient and mystic secrets thought over an age that have been transformed into easy to understand teachings for the modern era we live in.

Master the art of manifesting on purpose and tap into your natural state of abundance.

Successfully overcome everything that has stopped you and that is holding you back.

Hi, I’m Michelle Wordsworth, your practical manifestation teacher.

Throughout life I have manifested everything that I have put my mind to accomplishing. I grew up being reminded to “focus on what I want rather than what I don’t want”.  This has had a life long impact on me.

I started to think – “What if I could manifest what I really want?”

That’s exactly what I did…

This course is designed to shift you to a new level of thinking and what you believe to be true.

You will learn how to manifest your dream life on purpose througha combination of preactical and spiritual steps.

Collapse time and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Shift the way you think and kick those limiting beliefs, procrastination and self-sabotage tendencies to the curb once and for all.

By understanding the power of your thoughts and creating a positive mindset you will be able to upgrade your thought process so you can create your ideal lifestyle — because you’re worth it!

This course is filled with practal steps to manifestation. It is perfect for you to learn how to shift your thought pocess and take action to ensure you achieve the desired results.

You may have found yourself here because you are feeling stuck in ground hog day and just going through the motions but not really accomplishing the things you’ve dreamed of doing.

You may have watched others around you successfully manifest their dreams and wonder how did they achieve this and what was the difference for them? What are the missing steps that make them successful?

What’s the secret?

What aren’t they sharing and telling you that could make that difference?

This is not a course on magic – This is a magical course where you learn the skills to manifest on purpose which is far more powerful!

Covid has changed everything, it’s time to realise that we no longer have to live the conventional way and to society’s expectations.

There is another way and I want to help you manifest whatever it is you desire to become your new reality. You have control rather than others controlling your life, you’re more self confident, earn money doing what you love and being paid richly for it, create freedom, success, happiness and whatever it is you want…

There are many books and courses that teach the how to of manifestation and the practical steps but I am sharing what I have learned through years of experience and success in manifesting.

In addition to manifesting a redundancy package I have manifested:

 Eight months of full paid leave

 A free life coaching course which led me to a new career and my purpose

 Overcoming workplace depression

 Living in the tropics around the corner from a resort I made a promise to myself to return to 10 years earlier

 Manifesting the exact locations I wanted to live

 Manifesting a job on a tropical Island

 A house with no rent or mortgage

 My husband

 A new career at the age of 40

 Freedom where I don’t have to set an alarm clock or go to work for someone else

 Manifesting money in a pandemic

 Losingover 45 kilos during a pandemic and still going!

I have the proven experience and I want to share this with you so that you can create your own amazing list of successes and life changing experiences.

Losing over 45 kilos during a pandemic is one thing people can physically see the transformation in.

However, the real magic is in the shifts and manifestations which are the internal transformations.

You will learn how to do this throughout the course so you can become inspired, confident and empowered to create a life you love!

Mindset & Manifestation is specifically designed to incorporate everything you need to shift your current way of thinking and the actions you take to believe and know that you are worthy of having all you desire.

Your transformational Experience Includes

21 Pre-recorded video trainings on each topic guiding you through the process delivered over 6 weeks. This means you can watch at a time that is convient to you.

 Next level Manifestation techniques giving you a greater understanding meaning you know how to manifest on purpose and get results in any area of your life. 

 Practical content including exercises, journaling prompts and questions to facilitate your dive deep into the content to help you gain clarity and take actionable steps.

Ongoing access for the lifetime offering of the course so you can go through time and time again.

 Free course upgrades including any new bonuses.

 Bonus Content.

Free access to future live bonus calls so you can join in whenever need extra support.

Templates & Trackers to help keep you accountable and refer back to.

 Access to a Private Mastermind Facebook Group for additional support during live rounds.

Be part of a community with like-minded people where you can build a network, share and help each other to create a life you love.

Course Value:

This is where most people would break down the cost of everything individually and tell you a huge price.

All I am going to say is this:

The change in your life is priceless

The shift in perspective and your mindset is priceless

Overcoming fear, limiting beliefs and procrastination is priceless

Creating your own schedule is priceless

Creating a life of freedom is priceless

Creating more money is priceless

Manifesting and achieving your dreams is beyond priceless!

Pay In Full $555

3 x Monthly Payments of $200

All Prices are in USD

By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to my standard Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am really busy and can’t do the course right now?
No worries, you can follow at your own pace and dive in and out as you need to as many times as you like.
Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes I have a payment plan option which is available above.

What is your refund policy?

The content is so juicy and practical. It can be used over and over again therefore given the nature of the course and or coaching, no refunds will be offered.

By purchasing you are committing to yourself to show up and do the work to get the results.

Can you guarantee a specific outcome?
As much as I would love to, it is up to you to do the work and get out of the program what you put into it. I will provide you with a framework that has worked for me. However you are the only one that guarantee your own outcome, no one else.
Why do you charge in $USD

The majority of my clients and work is international and $USD is accepted and recognised as the universal currency.

If you have any other specific questions please email assistant@michellewordsworth.com

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It’s time for you to take control of how you want your life to be!

Pay In Full $555

3 x Monthly Payments of $200

All Prices are in USD

By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to my standard Terms and Conditions.

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