Ideas For Where to Share Affiliaite Links

There are so many creative ways that you can share and I have listed some ideas below for you to help get you started.

You can share via direct link via social media with your friends, family, colleagues or clients.

Other ideas you could use are via blog posts, pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook groups (where permitted or in your own) Twitter, emails, websites, podcasts, videos or youtube channels, interview me, personal recommendations etc.

It is even more helpful if you have completed the course yourself as it provides you with a much more in depth understanding of what is included and the transformations that will occur.

Not to mention if you have gone through the course you are able to share more of the benefits, share your results, transformations and wins and then share your unique link which will take them to the main sales page which has even more details.

If you are an affiliate guru and are ready to up your game you could even offer bonuses especially if you have your own business or wanting to start one.

What a great way to test out your offers and get testimonials to grow your business and get paid for having people purchase via your affiliate link.

Give bonuses or special offers such as:

  • Access into your programs/courses – I have received some of the best ever courses for free this way!
  • Free offers
  • Study group for support if you are going through it together with friends
  • Free coaching/mentoring to build your business or build up confidence or test a new offer.

Free coaching/mentoring to build your business or build up confidence or test a new offer.

By people receiving even more for purchasing via your link the more sales you can make and that also makes sense to you and the pricepoint of the sale.

It makes the experience even more enticing.

Don’t think so much about what you are giving away but the sales you can make.

Give people a sense of urgency such as a short time frame to sign up to get the bonuses.

Deadlines work!

If there are live rounds of the course that are about to happen use this as an additional bonus.

Keep being visible and active with sharing – Share in relevant places where like minded people who are more likely to be interested will see it. As with any social media platform and being in a busy world sharing once may not get you much traction so the more you share it the more likely people are going to see it.

It takes on average a person seeing something at least 7 times before they will purchase – just food for thought.

This means you might have to share 30 or 40 times through different ways to really gain traction as these people may only see 5 to 7 of those posts overall that you have shared.

Not to mention we get easily distracted and people think Oh Ill come back to this and forget about it if it’s not front of mind.