How It Works

When someone signs up and purchases a course through your unique affiliate link you receive a magical gift of abundance from me which is a percentage of the course back to you in cash!

Currently my abundant affiliate gift to you is 50% of the course price at the time of enrolment.

For example:

A course of $49 USD you will receive $24.50 USD

A course of $250 USD you will receive $150 USD

A course of $997 USD you will receive $498.50 USD

Payments are made monthly to your PayPal Account – You must ensure you provide your PayPal email in your membership details to receive payment.

For example if someone purchases a course on the 13th of the month (eg: May) you will receive payment on the 15th (or next business day) in the following month (eg: June).

If a person purchases on a payment plan, you will receive 50% of each completed payment over the scheduled payment plan period.

As per the terms and conditions you cannot purchase a course using your own affiliate link.

Link cookies last for 60 days so that means if someone uses your affiliate link and then comes back to the website within the 60 days and purchases you will get the 50% commision on the sale.